Fashion Business on Mariam TV

#Fashion_Business is a new program that is prepared and presented by Ghalia Boustani and will be broadcasted on Mariam TV.

The program aims at looking closer at the status of the fashion business industry in the Lebanese context and comparing it to foreign markets.

There are many academic concepts that marketers and brand strategists rely on to develop, manage and assess their brands. There are also norms for the development of fashion brands. This program aims at investigating the extent to which Lebanese fashion brands are respecting the norms are rules of the industry and what are the factors and influence decision making.

We will be hosting experts for different fields, working for different brands. We understand that one of the limitations of time will not allow us to host as many fashion retail experts as we aim to, nevertheless, we would like to note that shared opinions that we discuss on the show are not exclusive to any brand, nor particular to any brand; They aim at presenting the audience with professional point of views coming from market professionals.

The program will cover the business of fashion at several levels: academic, brand management, entrepreneurial and customer perspective.

Each episode will be looking at major academic concepts of the module that is being discussed, then a discussion with an expert will take place and finally, a wrap up will be presented along with some tips to take-away.​

The program runs every Sunday at 18:00 and Re-runs on Friday at 14:30 and Saturday at 22:30

About Mariam TV 

Mariam” a new satellite channel from TeleLumiere that holds its identity and reflects its image. It is a live tribune that transmits the voice of women to the whole world and encourages the development of societies. It serves equality and exchange since women, who are created to be life givers and persons of peace, do not enjoy their full rights and are still absent especially in the public sector. Mariam channel works on changing deviant behaviors and emphasizing the capacities of women at all levels.


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