Photo Credit: Yoke Beirut / Artist Credit: R.Tist Pola

Fashion is what I was looking for at the Beirut Hippodrome. It is what I got 🙂 Put on those fashion eyeglasses and have a tour with me!!

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At the exhibition, I met two of my old friends from NDU-Louaize: Sandra Younes and Rima Saad. They are exhibiting their work there. Sandra Younes is the multi-talented artist who owns the brand Loulicious and Rima Saad is the creator of handmade and recycled items including bags, towels, cushions, etc. It was great to catch up with them and to talk about everything from fashion to advertising.

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Stand OUT! This is a cool brand that I know and it caught my attention at the exhibition because of its great display design. It is that ‘fun kinda colorful’ brand that everyone will like. The idea behind the brand is very creative. When I asked Tamara Azar, the creative designer, she told me that “Standout” is the name of the brand and it has a current collection called “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap” and it comprises designs of animals and objects, it allows you to imagine and go beyond with your imagination. Their next collection is so original as well “Upside Town”. Tamara prefers to keep it a surprise for now 😉 So stay updated with their page on social media.

It seems that “Standout” is working a lot on its corporate identity and personality. The creator being an advertising and design professional has a special eye for art, design and creativity. And it is certainly shown through the visuals all over / from the bags to the funky walls revealing the concept of each bag.

Le Ressac

Another amazing display was set by Le Ressac, a brand of handmade leather bags. That single large-size display has created a whole identity for the brand; including the arrangement of items and the colors. The wood display portrays & supports the authentic character of the brand.

Let’s go back to “Loulicious”. Are you familiar with the red rose of the “Beauty & the Beast”? Well, the pearl designer Sandra Younes actually succeeded in making it possible by exhibiting her pearl design & a red rose within a glass dome. How beautiful it is to see art and retail innovation in the fashion context.

Loulicious – Beauty & the Beast Concept

In fact, it was lovely well-spent hours at the park, enjoying nature while discovering brands and meeting up old friends. The exhibition still runs until Sunday, if you have time pass by and enjoy your weekend at the Beirut Hippodrome.


  1. Suzy Harikiopoulo says:

    Thank you YokeBeirut for covering our exhibition and appreciating our artists. We hope that you will keep on following us in oyr future projects.


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