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Does it happen when your close friend wears exactly the same clothing color as you do on a regular day? Well, it happened with me! And it’s a great feeling I must say. At least it is because I decided to write this article!! 🙂

Color & Style reveal a lot about the person’s way of thinking and way of living. We asked some female consumers in Lebanon on how they select their outfit colors or outfits in general. Most of them answered that their choice either depends on the mood or comfort. They also considered the setting or occasion as an essential factor, which can determine the nature of the outfit that he/she must wear.

One consumer said that she personally goes for her preferences based on mood, favorite color palette and the event that she is going to attend. Most of the times, she tries to consider what others would be wearing on that day/event and then assess if she would like to look like them, to conform, to appear “different” or even to stand out.


The person’s closet, outfit choices, and brand preferences: all these depend on the unique psychological makeup under the umbrella of “personality”. Personality is something that we can’t ignore. Each person has a “unique” personality that is shaped over the years in accordance to geography, culture, lifestyle, family, education, profession, social status and even religion.

In the modern society, we are free to choose (of course within our budget) products, services and activities that define our “self” and create the “identity” that we want to portray to the world in a way or another. Lifestyle is all about who we are and what we do. (Book Reference: Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having & Being, 9th edition by Michael R. Solomon)

Marketers are aware of this and they segment consumers based on their lifestyle differences; particularly grouping them within “AIO”: Activities, Interests, and Opinions. These variables are distinctive to each and every individual. That’s the beauty of it!!

The “actual” personality can be identified when we observe the overall lifestyle of the person. For example, a nurse who lives in the Beirut area and is interested in beauty & personal care, may have a specific personality that is completely different than another nurse who also lives in Beirut yet is interested in sports and reading psychology books, let’s say. The whole personality perspective changes with one single criterion (interest) especially when it comes to the outfit style, color and brand preferences. If you consider tapping into the closets of both nurses, color variations will be incredibly noticeable. For instance, majority of blacks and whites or maybe lots of warm colors versus cool colors.

Moreover, profession can be an important component in defining one’s personality and style. Let’s say, a woman who works in the fashion business will definitely be influenced by the work culture and will act or think accordingly. Since most of our time is spent at work, so automatically we get stimulated by the environment, colleagues’ style and public opinion.


A brand can have a personality just like a person. But in the “brands” case, marketers are those who create and form the personality to appeal to its target audience. They work together hand in hand (brand managers and advertising agencies) to produce concepts and ideas to showcase a specific identity with the use of communication tools whether through traditional media or digital media.

Big brands know how to speak the color language and they implement it within their strategy; nevertheless it’s always up to the consumer to feel the retail experience. When we shop at a retail store, some colors attract our eyes; while others don’t. Our mood on that day at that moment may have great influence to make a purchase decision.

The Brand Strategy Expert Ghalia Boustani quotes:  “Each brand manifests visually and physically based on its identity. The brand seeks a target audience that appreciates the same brand identity, personality and character. Then, the brand chooses colors that suit it the most and best represent it. Following that choice, the brand develops a palette including a set of shades, hues or tints in which colors are transformed into signifiers, connotating the a set of meanings to the target audience.”

To wrap it up, even though we select our outfits of the day in a second, a minute and maybe more; yet we see that many factors involve in deciding the perfect attire that will expose our personality and sense of style. It is something very natural yet delicate at the same time!!

We at Yoke Beirut love serious interaction. Tell us how do you choose your outfit color? Do you see relation between outfit choices & personality/lifestyle?

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